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8 animals that can sing

Humans aren’t the only creatures that can hum a tune and enjoy it.  There are animals that are capable of singing.  Which ones could they be?

Scientists define song as,”a sound made by an animal during its mating season to attract the opposite sex and/or defend a territory.”  But this seems untrue when you hear a whale song.  You can tell it’s not about attraction or defense.  So-do animals actually feel joy when they sing?  Here are some animals that have the vocals to express their feelings.

1) Toadfish

Toad fish

A male toadfish sings a song called a hum to attract females to his nest.  Andrew Bass, an animal researcher at Cornell University, told Msnbc.com, “It’s not as complex as what you hear mammals and birds doing; it’s the simplest type of communication … but the parts of the nervous system that generate sounds are easiest to study in these fish.”

2) Mice


I bet you didn’t know that mice are really seductive singers when it comes to luring females-that’s how they flirt with their girlfriends.  They even compete with one another and that leads to rock stars in the mouse world.   Time reports on a singing mouse that chirped and trilled in the early 20th century at the Chicago Industrial Home for Children at Woodstock.

I’m guessing Mickey’s whistling was what attracted Minnie to form a relationship.  What do you think?

3) Humpback Whales

Humpback Whale

The great humpback whales are known for their mating songs.  They sing to get the females’ attention.  But a new research shows that they sing to navigate locations.  They even use grammar in their songs.  How cool is that?

4) Beluga Whales


All whales look innocent to me but Beluga comes first.  It has an adorable and serene face.  Belugas are also known as the ‘canneries of the sea’ because of the birdlike songs they make.

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