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Crime Deprives Karachi Off A Joyful Eid

Crime Deprives Karachi of a joyful Eid.Written by: Omair Alavi

All over the world, Eid ul Azha is celebrated with zeal and fervour, and Pakistan is no different. All over the country, people with means sacrificed an animal as per tradition, after which they went out with their friends and family to celebrate the holiday. Sadly in Karachi, the festive season wasn’t much different from everyday life and although not many cases were reported, crime reigned supreme throughout the weekend.

‘To protect and to serve’ may be the slogan of police authorities everywhere but in Karachi, they do neither. As many as a dozen cases of animal shooting happened in the city where bandits shot dead animals before they were sacrificed for not getting their ‘share’. Never before has such an incident been reported anywhere in the world, and those on the wrong side of the law used their ‘gray cells’ to innovate a crime to extract money. It is as grave a crime as kidnapping, murder, robbery and mugging, yet the Inspector General of Sindh Police claimed that nothing of the sort happened.

The other outing people of the city were deprived off was the lack of cinemas in the city. Five cinemas were torched recently in Karachi and only one of them managed to rise from the ashes to facilitate the cinegoers. The rest were deprived off affordable entertainment as the standing cinemas charge sky high prices which only the elite can afford. Here again, the police is to blame because it was their duty to protect the public property, but all they could do was act as mere spectators while the cinemas at the MA Jinnah Road (formerly Bandar Road) were looted by monkeys in human body!

And then there used to be a place where youngsters loved to hangout – Area 51. The place was not only popular among the elite but was also loved by all those who went there. It had a bowling alley of international standard while snacks and drinks were also available to entertain the participants. It emerged as the best thing to happen in Karachi during the last 15 years, and helped people forget the loss of Playland and Funland which also are no longer around. Sadly, Area 51 joins the league of the two as it was closed down due to the recent rise in crimes in the area and people were afraid to go to the ‘area’ in the dark.

Karachi may be the largest city in Pakistan but it certainly is not the safest in anyway. Just the sound of a motorcycle sends shivers in the mind of those who have been mugged on the streets, a look at the revolver on TV breaks the resolve of the toughest who have seen it all and going out in the dark is a luxury instead of a necessity as you never know what might hit you. There is no law in this jungle, where it seems the police are present to protect and serve the lawless, rather than the lawful. If they continue to close their eyes to violent crimes, things will never get better in the metropolis of extortion and crime, formerly known as the city of lights.