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Featherless Penguins

Penguins without feathersPenguin chicks are losing their feathers due to some unknown condition. Most of the birds are dying because of the incomprehensible problem. The condition called, ‘featherless disorders’ has emerged recently and is effecting a majority of penguin colonies.

“Feather-loss disorders are uncommon in most bird species, and we need to conduct further study to determine the cause of the disorder and if this is in fact spreading to other penguin species,” Dee Boersma was quoted as saying in a WCS press release. Boersma has conducted studies on Magellanic penguins for more than three decades.

“We need to learn how to stop the spread of feather-loss disorder,” she added, “as penguins already have problems with oil pollution and climate variation. It’s important to keep disease from being added to the list of threats they face.”

The disorder is uncommon, as mentioned before, in most birds and researchers are trying to figure it out the cause of it.  So far they have concluded that feather-loss in penguins is occurring due to pathogens, thyroid disorders, nutrient imbalances or genetics.

Imagine yourself without skin.  How would you feel?  Think about what these poor birds suffer and easily die from.

Read it at Discovery News.