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Mother kills two-year old during exorcism

Mother kills son in botched exorcism A mother from Indiana, has been sentenced 45 years in prison for killing her two year-old son in a misunderstood exorcism.

31 year-old Latisha Lawson, killed Jezaih when she forced him to drink an appalling mixture of olive oil and vinegar.  She believed it would cure her two year-old from the devil that possessed him.

She covered his mouth with her hand to stop him from vomiting when he couldn’t take in the drink.  She had a firm and tight grip over his neck and a few minutes later she had crushed it.

The mother claims a demon named ‘Marzon’ had possessed her son’s body and she was trying to ward it off.

Lawson wasn’t the only one who was convinced with the exorcism.  Another mother of three believed her kids were under a spell by demons and she also forced them to drink the horrible mixture at the house.  Those three kids vomited but Lawson didn’t let Jezaih throw up.

An autopsy says that Jezaih’s neck was compressed that lead to the terrible death.

A Deputy Prosecutor states that it was obvious Jezaih was an unwanted child and Lawson killed him with the help of a fabricated demon story.

Latisha insists she was dealing with a devil spirit when the incident took place.

Read the story at Telegraph UK.