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Pakistan: Man beats wife and shaves her head for not being courteous

Multan, Pakistan: A man beat up his wife and shaved her head for not welcoming his second wife ‘properly’.

“I was humiliated and beaten because I was not happy about his second marriage. How can someone expect me to celebrate such an occasion?” said Kalsoom, a woman who was beaten just because she did not receive her husband and his new wife with a smile and flowers.

Witnesses saw Muhammad Akram, a resident of Mumtazabad, brutally beat his first wife Kalsoom in front of 50 people right after his wedding to Masooma. “He was still dressed up and his new bride was standing behind him”, told police officials.

“Everyone just stayed silent and looked on.  Then he shaved her head and eyebrows and painted her face black.  He kicked her out of the house with her three children,” said a servant at the house Humayun Basit Khan.

Akram’s relatives and neighbours reported that he often beat his wife and the couple had quarrelled several times over his contracting a second marriage. “Kalsoom eventually caved in and gave her permission.

She even agreed to stay with him with his second wife but he wanted her to be happy about it.  He humiliated her for not smiling and celebrating the union!” said Kalsoom’s younger brother Dawar Khan.

“My sister came to us begging for help. S he had been publicly humiliated and he turned out his three children with her.

We have approached the police to register a case,” Khan said, adding “Everyone there just stood by and watched him hit her.”

Kalsoom fearfully had to accept her husband’s union with the other woman.

“I was scared that if I refused him permission he would kill me and my children.  He had threatened to do so several times so I said I wouldn’t oppose the second marriage,” she told Mumtazabad Police.

“I was in my room with my children when he brought his new wife to the house and then he dragged me by my hair because he wanted me to stand and receive the couple with smiles and flowers,” she told police.

Read it at The Express Tribune.

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